Heavy Vehicle Pilot Escort

This is a nationally recognised training program. Participants who successfully complete the this course will receive a certificate of competency that will allow for the safe operation and management of a pilot vehicle whilst undertaking operations in WA.

We are proud to be a national training provider for the Western Australia Main Roads Accredited Pilot/Escort Vehicle Course delivered across the country for the Pilbara.

This training course will give you the knowledge and experience required to Pilot/Escort an oversized or overmassed load, communicate with other pilots/escorts, road users and authorities. You will also learn to control traffic as a Pilot and coordinate emergencies and breakdowns.

The course is designed to span over 2 days featuring both classroom learning as well as practical challenges to test your skills and knowledge learned in the course. You will be trained and tested with real-life scenarios and real oversized/overmassed loads

  • TLIC3010 – Pilot or Escort oversized and/or overmassed loads
  • TLIE3009 – Use Pilot and Escort Communication
  • TLIF3060 – Control Traffic as Pilot Vehicle Operator
  • TLIF3013 – Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies
  • TLIB0002 – Carry out vehicle inspection
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$ $949

Course Includes

  • 4 Modules
  • Course Certificate