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Nationally Accredited

This first aid course is a mandatory requirement for anyone wanting to work in the mining industry. This course is a nationally accredited program. Successful participants will be issued with a certificate of competency on completion.

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Provide first aid training course

Get on-site quickly with the Access WA White card construction course.

All workers on a construction site in Australia must hold a White Card. You can get your white card by completing a construction induction course which can be done online and in person.

White Card Unit of Competency to the CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry in our comprehensive online unit. An employee or self-employed person must not do construction work at a workplace unless they hold a construction induction certificate (White Card) under the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996. On successful completion of our White Card course, participants receive a White Card and a Statement of Attainment for the Unit of Competency.

The Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulations and Safety (DMIRS) have recently revised their terms and conditions relating to the issuance of WorkSafe Construction Induction Training (CIT) cards to candidates who have completed the unit of competency CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

DMIRS have now included a requirement that WorkSafe Construction Induction Training (CIT) cards can only be issued to candidates who are physically located in Western Australia at the time of their assessment.

For the WA White Card, Access training will now only accept new enrolments onto the CPCCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry unit of competency from students who are based in Western Australia.

Please see below link for more information:

Lessons covered in this program

Access Training is a premier provider of White Cards in WA. We have built a reliable, multi-award-winning reputation on the back of our innovative course and excellent customer service. Some of the benefits of using Access Training are:

  • We won’t stuff you around – our course is simple to use and engaging
  • Our online course is fully self paced – start and stop the training at your leisure
  • We are 100% Australian – and here for you
  • You can pay at the end of your course – various payment options are available
  • Our White Card course is compatible with iPhone/mobile devices and iPad/tablets
  • We have IT support on hand during business hours
  • We are flexible – our excellent customer service staff will work with you to achieve an ideal outcome.


  • Access to the Internet.
  • A webcam or a smartphone
  • A driver’s licence, passport and/or other form of photo-identity (such as a passport or 18+ card)
  • A English language, Literacy and Numeracy skill level of 1 is required to complete this course
  • Access to the following items of PPE: a hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility clothing and ear plugs/muffs. You may own or be able to borrow these items. If not you can purchase them from your local hardware supplier or from Inscope Training.


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We understand that online learning may not be the best option for everyone. Speak to one of our team members for any up coming face to face courses that we have daily at one of our many locations around australia. Face to face starts at $89

The White Card WA course (CPCCWHS1001 – Prepare to work safely in the construction industry) is a mandatory requirement for anyone who wants to work in the construction industry.

Is the practical demonstration in Part 5 necessary?

Is the White Card recognised in all Australian states?

What form of ID is required?

How long does it take to do the course? Do I have to complete my course in one sitting?

I’ve lost my White Card. How do I get a new one?

What payment methods are available?

I have a Blue Card. Do I need to get a White Card?

When will I receive my White Card?

Will my White Card expire?

Additional Information

RPL recognises that people who already have the knowledge and skills required for competency in various elements of units of an accredited training package should not be required to re-learn what they already know. The process of RPL also takes into account that various competencies can be acquired through:

  • Previous qualification
  • Work experience and
  • Life experience.

RPL requires that evidence of competency are demonstrated. Please contact the RTO if you feel you are eligible for this assessment pathway.

  • Good verbal and written comprehension of the English language
  • Photo ID
  • Obtain a USI (
  • Physically fit

Course duration for training and assessment is 1 day

  • Steelcap boots
  • Hard hat
  • All our courses are conducted externally at the client’s construction site or premises
  • Face to face delivery
  • Online classroom combined with a onsite practical assessment

You will be provided with all of the information and resources in multimedia format.

If you answer a question incorrectly, you will be taken back 1 question and presented with a different set of questions. It is therefore strongly advised that you should not attempt to click or guess your way through this course. If you are unsure of an answer to a question, you should watch the resource provided to you.

If you are still having problems with answering a question, you can contact an Access Trainer who will assist you. The trainer’s contact number is listed under the Contact Us tab on the Access Training webpage.

Access Training expects all students to adhere to the behaviour and discipline requirements as outlined in our student handbook.

If you have any questions about the white card or any other course please contact us here.

Allowances can be made for participants with language, literacy & numeracy issues.

You will complete a short literacy and numeracy assessment on enrolment and if we identify any learning difficulties the Trainer/Assessor will be notified prior to your attendance for the course. Depending on your learning difficulty, the Trainer can spend extra time assisting you and/or do a verbal assessment with you. Or we may discuss options with you and may refer you to other support services as outlined in the Candidate Support, Welfare and Guidance Section on page 11 of the Student Handbook.

  • $20 deposit on confirmation of booking per enrolment
  • Cancellation more than 7 days prior to commencement – 50% refund
  • Cancellation within 7 days of commencement – 20% refund
  • Course to be paid in full at or before commencement of the course
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