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How do I get into the mines?

How to get a job in mining – We show you how in this 10 part series. No B.S. Straight facts to get you onsite. We break it down in our weekly posts with images, videos and even interviews from people on an actual mine site. Some of our interviewees who are currently on-site may have had a few beverages under there belt while filming(hard yakka this mine work!) but we feel that adds to the authenticity of a miners life!

Shout out to all those hard-working men and woman who helped put these posts together! It may have cost me my quota of alcoholic beverages, but I am thankful 🙂

“So how do I get a job in mining?”

Tip No.1 – It aint easy

To say we get this question on the regular – would be a true understatement!

The proverbial bright lights of making it big and becoming fiscally free & secure are indeed alluring. I mean who wouldn’t want to make 150-200K a year in a relatively small amount of time? It’s certainly how I ended up Perth (Western Australia)

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend the past 14 years in various mining & construction positions from T.A(trades assistant) all the way up to (no pun intended) a tower crane operator.

Heck I’ve even had a few crack’s at being a supervisor (and failed miserably ha!)

There are many many facets to mining and by extension the recruitment of personnel to the industry. I hope to cover them all in great detail. With this info, I hope you come away better informed and suitably prepared to enter mining in Australia. I wish you luck…

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With that outta the way our first tip is – No.1 It ain’t easy… In our next post, we explore the difficulty of actually getting a job in mining. Specifically Western Australia. The mining mecca of the world.

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