RTO Complaints & Appeals

Complaints are an important input to learner and client services and quality assurance in the RTO. Complaints are another opportunity to improve our business and service and measure performance of the RTO. The Director expects complaints to be dealt with as a priority so they do not escalate to a formal complaint within the RTO or an appeal against the complaint decision to an external agency or regulator.
Complaints that escalate affect our business profile and risk rating. We will vigorously follow through complaints following our internal procedures making sure each step follows the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

All complaints must be dealt with in a constructive and timely manner. We will set out the process in preenrolment information and we will emphasize this information at induction.
The procedures include complaints handling at an informal level and we expect most complaints that ay start as a grievance can be resolved at this level with our focus on client and staff satisfaction.
Records of complaints that escalate to a formal complaint or written complaint will be recorded on our Complaints and Appeals Register.
Similar grievances from more than one staff member, employer or client will be further investigated as this would indicate an area for improvement of RTO operations or services.
The Director will consider complaints as a matter of priority and within the guidelines of legislation and following our procedures. All internal avenues for resolution will be pursued from the initial grievance or complaint, through to a formal complaint and possible appeal of the RTO’s decision.

We include complaints as an agenda item on our management meetings.

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